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The modern home is forever evolving, our services integrate today’s latest technology into homes to improve functionality and user interaction.


Flat screen television mounts and pre-wiring gives your home a minimalist look without dangling cords and devices. Simply choose the location of your flat screen and we'll pull necessary wiring, HDMI cables, and audio behind finished walls before your home is complete.


  • Network, Audio, & Video wiring

  • Home Audio Systems

    • ​Recessed & Outdoor speakers 

  • Home Control & Automation Systems

  • Flat Screen Television & Theater Device Wiring

  • Central Vacuum Systems


Behan Inc. has years of experience with technology installations. If you already have the finalized designs, we will follow the plan to the exact specifications and organize our team to seamlessly integrate with your time table.

Behan Inc. also has expertise in the designing process as well, making it easier for a custom solution that perfectly fits the space and meets all of your tech needs.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you!


Enjoy surround sound as well as recessed audio in any room. Recessed built in audio as well as the location of your receiver devices can be wired seamlessly without external wiring and clutter.


Telephone - Video - Data, all together in an organized Connection Center. Manage your RG-6 and CAT-5E wiring throughout your home allowing high speed internet and cable TV where you need it from the Connection Center to any room in your home.


Central vacuums provide your home a built in system of  powerful suction and deep cleaning without the weight and cumbersomeness of traditional stand alone vacuums. Choose access points throughout your home to easily manage your homes cleanliness with a lightweight flexible hose as your desired length.

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